Leave of Absence Regulations


The purpose of this regulation is to regulate the leave of absence issues of the academic and administrative personnel who work for Nile University of Nigeria.

  1. SCOPE

Nile University of Nigeria Leave of Absence Regulation involves the principles, criteria and standards to be taken as a reference in the process of personnel leaves.



  1. A normal leave year shall be January to December of every year.
  2. Annual leave can not be during the academic session.
  3. Person granted any leave such as annual leave, study fellowship, staff development award, study or leave of absence must abide by approved conditions governing the leave at the material time.
  4. In addition, he must after the leave, return to work at the University for the period specified in the letter of approval of leave.
  5. Failure to return to work at the University after the approved leave without prior approval of the University shall be regarded as having absconded from duty. Such a person shall be subject to appropriate disciplinary action and in addition may be required to refund his salary and allowances for the period of absence.
  6. A member of academic staff shall be entitled to 30 days of annual leave every calendar year.
  7. A member of non-academic staff shall be entitled to 21 days of annual leave every calendar year.
  8. A member of staff shall take his annual leave within two years.
  9. However, due to service exigency arising from being either a principal Officer or Provost or Dean or Director may be allowed to accumulate leave during tenure.
  10. A member of staff may be required to return to work before the expiration of his annual leave.
  11. Any outstanding balance resulting therefrom shall be taken at a later date but within two years concerned.
  12. Any member of staff who overstays his approved leave without just cause shall be regarded as having been absent from duty without permission and shall therefore be dealt with in accordance with the provision governing acts of misconduct.
  13. Permission for absence on account of University business for not more than a period of three (3) days may be granted to a member of staff by the Head of Unit to Dean / Registrar.
  14. Case of more than three (3) days may be granted to a member of staff by the Head of Unit through the Dean to the Vice-Chancellor or his nomine
  15. In the case of a Principal Officer, Provost or Dean, permission must be obtained from the Vice-Chancellor or his nomine.
  16. The Head of Department and the Dean/Provost shall notify the Registrar as soon as such permission is granted and also on the resumption of duty by the member of staff concerned.


  1. Research leave is a leave taken by an academic staff for the purpose of carrying out research relevant to his field of specialization.
  2. On the recommendation of his Head of Department and approval of the Provost of College / Dean of Faculty concerned, an academic member of staff may be granted 5 working days of research leave in a year. Research leave more than 5 days can be maximum 20 working days without payment.
  3. An academic staff who ordinarily may not be entitled to Staff Development, Study Leave or Study Fellowship may benefit from research leave upon application which must provide an acceptable program and evidence of work or proposal during the leave.


  1. A member of staff may be granted casual leave on compassionate ground for urgent private affairs of not more than one (1) day on any one occasion and up to a total of seven (7) days in any given year on the approval of the Head of unit.
  2. The Head of unit shall notify the Human resource on the resumption of duty by the member of staff.


  1. A member of staff who is absent from duty on the grounds of ill-health shall be regarded as absent on sick leave, provided that such illness is covered by a medical certificate issued by the University Medical Officer or certified by him when issued by any recognized Medical Officer.
  2. The Head of Department shall be required to forward such a certificate to the Registrar immediately.
  3. The sick leave history of each member of staff shall be noted in his annual or periodic reports as well as in his personal records at the Registry and shall be an important factor in considering his eligibility for some of the privileges conferred by these regulations.
  4. A member of staff who is incapacitated as a result of injury sustained in the course of his official duties shall be entitled to his full salary until he is discharged from sick leave or medically declared unfit.
  5. A member of staff who is recommended by a Medical Board to be unfit ceases to be eligible for sick leave with effect from the date of the approval of such a recommendation.


  1. A pregnant member of staff shall be required to obtain and submit in good time to the  Registrar, through her Head of Unit, a medical report showing the expected date of delivery.
  2. This shall be submitted not less than four weeks before the commencement of maternity leave.
  3. A member of staff who is pregnant is entitled to 12 weeks of maternity leave with full pay. The annual leave for the year concerned shall however be regarded as a part of the maternity leave.
  4. A nursing mother shall be allowed one hour off duty every day (normally the last working hour) until the child is six months old.


  1. Any member of staff may apply for staff development leave for the purpose of acquiring a higher degree or professional qualification or to upgrade such professional, technical or administrative competence possessed by him as is appropriate to the nature of his employment in the University.
  2. Staff development leaves need the approval of Vice Chancellor.
  3. A member of staff on staff development scheme shall not change the course, place or institution for which the leave was approved without the prior approval, in writing, by the University.
  4. Only members of staff who have been in the service of the University for a minimum period of six (6) year in the case of Administrative and Professional staff on the recommendation of the Head of Department or Dean may be considered for staff development leave.
  5. Only a member of staff who possesses a letter of admission shall have his application for staff development leave processed for consideration.
  6. A member of staff who, after the expiration of his staff development leave, fails to render to the University the prescribed service may be subject to appropriate disciplinary action.
  7. A member of staff on staff development leave shall ensure that progress report on him is forwarded to the University monthly by the appropriate authority.


  1. Study Fellowships, such as the Fulbright, Hays programme,
  2. Commonwealth Fellowship Award, Mevlana, JSPS (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science), etc. tenable   abroad, for which a member of staff is nominated by the University or secured by staff and approved by the University in extra expenditure, shall not be regarded as study leave as specified above.
  3. Nevertheless, the fact that a member of staff previously enjoyed the privilege of such a fellowship, tour etc. shall be taken into consideration by the VC in considering the merit of any subsequent application for study leave, leave of absence by the member of staff concerned.


A member of staff of another University spending his sabbatical leave at the Nile University of Nigeria shall receive a payment, as a result of the agreement between him and the University.

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