Nile University held its maiden edition of the International Medical Student Congress on October 5, 2018. The event was aimed at highlighting the significance of research to the medical field while encouraging the Nile medical students to engage more in it. This sentiment was echoedin the speech by Miss. UmmiSaniDambatta (Head of Student Committee), who stated that the most significant breakthroughs in the field started as a research question. By participating more in research, she continued, the Nile medical students will not only become successful, but significant in the industry.

Miss Dambatta’s speech was followed by numerous presentations by experts in the field as well as students, on several educative and interesting research topics. Each presentation was followed by a question and answer session during which the presenters fielded the questions of the audience. At the end of the presentations, the event’s participants were treated to dinner, bringing to an end what was an exciting and educative day.