Nile University hosted the 2018 Student Technical Symposium & Exhibition on February 15, 2018. The event, organized by the Society of Petroleum Engineers, Nile Chapter, is one of the several programs of the SPE, designed to bridge the gap between classroom teachings and industry practices.

The event comprised the following;

  • PetroQuiz: a competition where the competing teams/SPE chapters are tested in areas like reservoir engineering, petroleum production, drilling, geology, general sciences, etc.
  • Nigerian Paper Contest: research presentations by students on ways of addressing the diverse challenges facing the oil industry.
  • Energy Challenge: presentations ways of meeting the world’s energy needs — the use of locally sourced materials, alternative energy sources—as well as solutions to current environmental challenges.

The program also included a host of technical lectures delivered by experts in the energy sector, in what was an exciting and educative few days for the participating students.