Nile University held a cultural program, titled tea culture, designed to strengthen the ties between the Nigerian, Chinese, and Turkish communities. Delivering the event’s keynote presentation was the Chinese Cultural Ambassador to Nigeria and Director of China Cultural Center, His Excellency, Mr. Li Xuda, who discussed the Chinese tea culture. He began his address by giving a history of Chinese Tea and proceeded to discuss the culture of Chinese tea. According to him, legend has it that tea was discovered accidentally by Emperor Shen Nong, an ancient Chinese emperor, when a leaf, that was later discovered to be a tea leaf, fell into his boiled water. Since then, tea has become a crucial part of Chinese culture. Initially, in China, tea was used predominantly for medicinal purposes; however, it has since evolved into a drink that serves many purposes in Chinese society. For instance, in China today, tea is served to visitors to show hospitality; it is also the drink the bride and groom serve their parents during traditional Chinese weddings to show appreciation for the love they received from the latter. The ambassador concluded his presentation by listing important tips of tea drinking. Following Mr. Xuda’s presentation was a lecture by Assoc. Prof. Gylich Jelilov (HOD, Economics Department) on the event’s theme. The program concluded with a question and answer session during which the presenters fielded the questions of the audience.