The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences held the Humanity and Patriotism conference earlier today. Themed “The Relationship between Humanity and Patriotism,” the event was designed to empower students to become responsible citizens. Delivering the event’s lecture was Rabi’a Aneesa Idrees, founder of Dear Humanity Foundation and the occasion’s Chief Guest. In her address, she stressed the importance of individuals embracing their differences in curbing the societal ills of today. According to Rabi’a, most of the problems being witnessed in Nigeria today can be traced to tribalism and religious discrimination/intolerance, whereby individuals treat those from different religions and ethnic groups unfairly. Thus, to resolve these issues and make the country a better place, she continued, it is imperative for citizens to realize that before anything else, all individuals are human and are more alike than we imagine. Only with this realization will we become the responsible citizens needed to help Nigeria reach new heights.

Following Rabi’a’s address, and bringing the event to a close, was a question and answer session during which she fielded the questions of the audience.