Nile University hosted a conference organized by the Youth Orientation for Development organization (a UNESCO-accredited NGO) to mark the international youth day, on August 15, 2019. The program, themed “Transforming Education,” was aimed at highlighting the importance of looking for innovative ways to significantly improve the Nigerian educational sector in terms of quality of instruction and the accessibility of high quality education to the country’s youths regardless of their backgrounds.

This sentiment was best illustrated in the opening address by the Nile DVC admin, Prof. Steve Adeshina (who represented the Vice-Chancellor at the program), who stated that:

“As a people, Nigerian is presently suffering from the consequences of not finding ways and means of educating our teeming youths. The insurgency and the various vices that we are all witnesses to today are consequences of our inability to educate all our youths. If we must stem this tide we must find innovative ways to transform education. We must make education accessible and inclusive for all young people regardless of their background. As a stakeholder in the Education business we know that it is no longer sufficient to make education accessible and inclusive, we know that we must embrace new and innovative methods of educating our teeming population of youths, regardless of their background.”

Following Prof. Adeshina’s address were several presentations on the event’s theme by various notable speakers. The program ended with a question and answer session during which the speakers fielded the questions of the audience.