Students Exam Reagulation

1. Before the Examination Week
1. The examination timetable is to be posted to the related notice board beforehand.
2. The Examination Committee will announce the seating order at the notice boards (if arranged
for certain examinations).
3. Students who have clashes in the timetables are strongly advised to contact the Examination
Committee Secretary immediately as they have the sole responsibility for the issue.
4. Students with attendance, disciplinary, and/or financial issues will not be allowed to sit for the
5. Students are advised to pay attention to the following as they may not be admitted to the
a. Student with no NUN ID Card.
b. Student whose name is not in the examination list.
2. Just Before the Examination Starts
1. The candidates have the responsibility of removing implicating materials found around the
examination hall including cell phones, computers of any kind, papers, bags, books, handouts,
and any foreign materials.
2. Candidates are required to provide for themselves any necessary examination materials as no
exchange of lending or borrowing of any item is permissible during examination.
3. Students are required to display their ID Cards as the invigilators will be checking their
4. The students are advised to arrive at the examination hall 15 minutes prior to the start time to
enable them properly identify themselves and take the proper sitting order.
5. Students are normally not allowed to take breaks during the examination. Students are advised
to contact the Chief Invigilator if there is an emergency issue to obtain permission for taking a
short break during the exam.
During the Examination
1. A candidate will normally not be allowed to enter the examination hall 30 minutes after the
commencement of the examination except for valid excuses approved by the Chief Invigilator,
provided no student has left the examination hall, but with no extra time allowed.
2. A candidate will not be allowed to leave the examination hall 30 minutes after the start of the
exam. No candidate will leave the examination hall during the last 10 minutes. These times are
subject to change under exceptional circumstances approved by the Chief Invigilator.
3. Students are advised to
a. carry their ID Cards at all times.
b. proofread their answers if there is still time left.
c. not to fold the answer booklet.
4. Disciplinary actions:
a. Silence is expected from the students at all times. Any distraction or disturbance in the
exam room will not be tolerated.
b. Students, however, will review the questions at the beginning of the examination and
communicate with the invigilator for technical reasons.
c. Candidates shall comply with all the instructions on allotted time for commencement
and stoppage of the examination.
d. Any student who attempts to manipulate internal or external examiners in any fashion
will face disciplinary action.
e. Any breach of the examination regulations by any student will be brought to the
Examination Committee for action. Details have been provided below:
4. Regulations on Examination Malpractice and Sanctions
An examination malpractice is an irregularity on infringement of examination regulations. This
includes, but is not limited to, cheating, bringing in foreign materials, causing any form of
disturbance, rudeness, and disobedience to invigilators. The following procedures will be adopted
for reporting of an examination malpractice:

a. The student will write his / her examination number and other information required
on the Examination Malpractice Form to be provided by the invigilator.
b. The invigilator submits his / her written report along with the evidence to the Faculty
Examination Committee within 24 hours. The Committee will then submit a report
along with the findings to the Committee for Student Discipline and Welfare.
5. After the Examination
1. Students need to make sure they have signed the exam attendance list.
2. Any student who is absent from any course examination without a valid excuse will fail the
3. Students who believe they have a valid reason can write a letter to the Head of Department for
an excuse exam with all the relevant supporting documents attached. The Head of Department
will bring the issue up at the Faculty Board for decision.