African Centre for Innovation and Leadership Development (ACILD) in collaboration with some members of staff of Nile University; Professor Steve Adeshina (DVC Admin), Professor Erkan Demirbas from the department of Project Management, Professor Senol Dane and Miss Rabiyya Abdullahi both from Health Sciences and some students from the department of Economics (these students are being trained by ACILD on grant writing under the department of Project Management) organized a meeting on 7th June, 2018 at Block B room 008. This meeting was based on brainstorming ideas suitable for prospective grant application.

  • The meeting started with a Nutrido Program presentation by Dr. Obidi Ezezika: Nutrido Program is a nutrition based program for secondary school-aged children currently being run by African Centre for Innovation and Leadership Development
    • Professor Adesina suggested creating more awareness about Nutrido and expanding to more schools.
    • Professor Erkan suggested using commercials e.g. Emmanuela (Mark Angel comedy) to promote nutrido
  • Then going through the prospective grant application, we started with the ‘Global Innovations for Character development grant application. It was a call for proposals of innovations that promote and nurture character strengths among individuals and communities worldwide.
    • Professor Adesina suggested that a game based on human characters be designed such that the players win points during the course of the game and possibly donate whatever they earn to charity
  • We also discussed the Wellcome Foundation: Public Engagement Funds application. The Wellcome Foundation was seeking applications for its Public Engagement Fund that enable individuals and organizations to use creative approaches in engaging the public with health research.
    • We brainstormed on ideas for this application and came put with two fantastic ideas from Professor Adesina and Professor Senol. Professor Adesina shared idea on Cervical Cancer Screening while Professor Senol shared his idea on the use of Foot Reflexology to treat ADHD among school children
    • Miss Rabiyya suggested that inability to meet with the target for a program is most time as a result of lack of communication.
  • The meeting was concluded with an agreement of working on Professor Adeshina and Professor Senol’s idea for the grant application.