The CELL (Center for Lifelong Learning) department of Nile University of Nigeria will be holding a Project Cycle Management (PCM) training program from 16th to 18th October 2017. The program is designed to redress the improper or poor implementation of projects. It also aims at enhancing the capacity of participants to initiate, plan, and execute projects according to stipulated work schedule, budgetary provision, quality specification, as well as other contractual conditions and regulations, to ensure timely completion, cost-effectiveness, and quality of projects.

Participants of the program would:

  • gain an understanding of project cycle management.
  • identify tools and techniques of project cycle management.
  • understand the relationships between project cost, time, quality and human resources.
  • determine risk and resource management of relevant projects.
  • effectively plan, monitor and control project outcomes.
  • identify and understand stakeholders’ requirements.
  • learn grant seeking strategies from national and international agencies.
  • understand how to make successful project submissions.
  • learn network development among universities, NGOs, and government agencies.

The PCM program is in line with seminars and training programs organized by the CELL for individuals, professionals, companies, institutions and NGO’s.