Nile University of Nigeria organized a cultural program in collaboration with the Chinese Cultural Centre on April 26, 2019. The program was attended by the Chinese Cultural Ambassador, His Excellency Mr. Li Xuda, along with the Second Secretary of the Culture Office of the Chinese Embassy in Nigeria, Mr. Wang Guiping. During the event, Mr. Xuda gave a speech on “Tea Culture: A sustained Historical Tradition of the Chinese, Turkish and African People”.

At the end of the program, Prof. Dr. Kemal Ozden asked about the ways in which the relations between the Chinese Cultural Centre and the Nile University of Nigeria could be improved. In response to Prof. Ozden’s question, and to the pleasant surprise of the audience, Mr. Xuda announced the decision of the Chinese Cultural Centre to award a “Full Scholarship” to the best graduating student of Nile University to pursue his/her MSC or PhD studies in China.

Furthermore, Mr. Xuda pronounced the Centre’s plan to open a Chinese Corner aimed at teaching Chinese Language and Culture courses to the students of Nile University.