The Mass Communication department held a seminar, titled “Writing Winning Proposals for International Grants,” earlier today. The program was designed to provide useful tips to academics on how to write successful proposals for grants. Delivering the program’s lecture was Dr. Temitope Oriola, who is an Associate Professor at the University of Alberta, Canada, the Joint Editor-in-Chief of the African Security Journal, and a serial grants winner. Dr. Oriola began his presentation by listing some common errors in academic writing that prevent grant seekers from getting their proposals approved. Some of these issues, according to him, included insufficient proofreading, plagiarism, use of outdated literature, and insufficient research, to mention a few. Subsequently, he addressed a number of criteria that are used to evaluate grant proposals. For starters, Dr. Oriola continued, evaluators favor applicants whose research address relevant topics that have been insufficiently studied. Furthermore, proposals that incorporate a clear project execution plan have a higher chance of success than those that do not. Finally, he stated, applicants with previous experience executing research projects are given preference by evaluators. The event concluded with a question and answer session during which Dr. Oriola fielded the questions of the audience.