On Wednesday, 22nd November 2017, the Dean Faculty of Engineering, the HOD and a lecturer in the department of Petroleum and Gas Engineering made a facility tour visit to the Petroleum Training Institute (PTI) Warri, Delta State. The objectives of the visit were as follows:

  1. Carry out a tour of the extensive facilities in the petroleum engineering and petroleum and natural gas processing programmes at PTI.
  2. Discuss and agree on collaboration between staff of both institutions in terms of research and publications.
  3. Discuss on the provision of short courses for staff of Nile University and vice versa.
  4. Discuss on the utilization of the facilities at PTI by students of Nile University for Final-year research project, excursion visits and industrial training.

During the visit, a courtesy call was made to the Principal/CEO of PTI, Prof. S.E. Iyuke who warmly received our team and was very appreciative of the visit and promised his unflinching support for collaboration with Nile University of Nigeria. Our team also visited the Director of Engineering, Engr. Dr. Reuben Umoh and he was also very open to collaborating with Nile University for the mutual benefit of both institutions.

A delegation comprising of the HODs of the departments of Petroleum & Geosciences and Petroleum and Natural Gas Processing including several members of staff of both departments conducted our team round the facilities in the departments. The facilities visited include:

  • Drilling workshop
  • Drilling and production laboratory
  • Drilling simulation laboratories
  • Drilling rig
  • Flow station
  • Mobile test separator station
  • Gas technology laboratory/simulation laboratory
  • Unit operations laboratories
  • Biofuel production laboratory
  • Polymer workshop
  • PVT laboratory

The institute really has an extensive stock of both laboratory and workshop facilities that will be very useful for both staff and students of Nile University, especially in the science and engineering disciplines. It is hoped that an MOU will be agreed between both institutions to enhance the beneficial use of their facilities by both staff and students of Nile University of Nigeria.

We sincerely appreciate the Vic- Chancellor, Nile University of Nigeria and the entire management of the university for supporting this trip and making it a reality.