The Nile University Center for Lifelong Learning (CELL) in collaboration with the Mass Communication department organized a lecture for the staff of the institution. The presentation, titled “How to speak like a leader,” was delivered by Assoc. Prof. M.K. Yusuf, the HOD of Mass Communication.

The lecture centered onpublic speaking and why people were afraid of it, as well as ways of tackling these fears. Using the Gerard Model of Stage Fright, Assoc. Prof. Yusuf listed mind reading (assuming, without any evidence, that one’s audience are thinking the worst of his/her speech), anticipatory anxiety (expecting to be nervous during a public speech/presentation in the future), amongst others, as some of the causes of the fear of public speaking (glossophobia). To tackle these barriers to public speaking, Assoc. Prof. Yusuf stressed the importance of listing one’s strengths as an oral communicator on a piece of paper. According to him, writing down the things that make people listen to you (be it your voice, physical appearance, intelligence, etc.) helps you overcome public speaking anxiety, by allowing you to focus on your strengths, rather than weaknesses, as an oral communicator.

He went further to educate the audience on techniques (like the Lancaster’s model) to implement to ensure that their words had a lasting impact on listeners, in a manner akin to some of the world’s greatest leaders.

The lecture ended with a question and answer session during which Assoc. Prof. Yusuf fielded questions from the audience.