The Student Affairs department organized a lecture on Chinese Medicine for the students of the University on May 28. The lecture was delivered by Dr. Andy Yuan, a specialist in Acupuncture and founder of CNT Medicare.

In his presentation, he touched upon the role of the Chinese lifestyle and medicine in the country’s position as the most populous nation on earth. According to him, while China was as vulnerable as other countries in the past to the diseases that wiped out significant portions of the human population, they managed to remain largely unaffected. This was due to their unique lifestyle and healthcare which emphasized a “prevention is better than cure” approach. This is exemplified in the daily routines of the average Chinese which include morning exercises.

Going further, he addressed the health risks, especially to the spine, posed by the lifestyle of people in modern times. Today, the use of phones, laptops, cars, etc. have caused people to sit or stand in certain ways that are harmful to their spines. For instance, when operating their laptop computers people tend to lean forward toward the device. This causes stress to their backs (due to a lack of support) and, subsequently, spines. A regular adoption of this posture can lead to accumulated stress to the spine, resulting in terrible spine-related diseases, like paralysis, in the long run.

The lecture concluded with a question and answer session during which Dr. Yuan fielded the questions of the audience.