The department of Mass Communication organized a visit to the Indian High Commission, Abuja, for its students on May 4. The visit was aimed at reinforcing classroom teachings by exposing students to real life experiences. During their time at the Commission, students learned, through several video clips, the following about India and its people:

  • The country gained its independence in 1947 and has a population of over 1.2 billion
  • There are at least 22 official languages, with over 700 dialects, in India
  • Trigonometry, Algebra, Yoga, and Chess all owe their origins to India
  • Chennai, a popular Indian City, is the most crowded place in the world
  • Punjab (a game tournament) is the most loved sport in India
  • Ayurveda (ancient Medicine studies) originated from India

Following the video clip was a tour of the building during which students got to see, amongst other things, some of India’s beautiful cultural artworks and designs.

The outing ended with a meeting and interaction with the High Commissioner, Shri (Mr.) B.N. Reddy who fielded the students’ several puzzling questions, mostly about the Indian media system.