A Nile University team, comprising Prof. Nurettin Can (DVC RICOR) and Prof. Alpaslan Toker (HOD, English Studies), hosted a delegation from the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA), Abuja Chapter on September 16, 2019. The meeting began with a welcome address by Prof. Nurretin Can, which included a brief introduction of the University to the visitors. Following Prof. Can’s speech was an address by the Chairman of the ANA, Abuja Chapter and leader of the delegation, Mrs. Halima Usman, who introduced the organization and stated the purpose of the visit.

According to her, the ANA is an organization that seeks to encourage and promote Nigerian literature and writers. To this effect, she stated, the ANA partners with multiple primary, secondary, and tertiary schools, as well as a host of other institutions to foster the practice of reading and writing throughout the country. As one of the top academic institutions in Nigeria, she continued, Nile University would prove an ideal partner for the ANA in its bid to promote a reading and writing culture in Nigeria.

Following Mrs. Usman’s speech, Prof. Can expressed his delight at the proposal, which he thought would prove highly beneficial for both organizations, and promised to discuss it with the University’s management.