The Association of Registrars of Nigerian Universities (ARNU) convened at Nile University for its “64th Business Meetings,” between April 17 and 21, 2018. The program themed “The Registrar in University Administration: Issues and Challenges,” had in attendance, Registrars from several prestigious Nigerian Universities, as well as other distinguished guests.

The event began with a courtesy call to the Vice-Chancellor (Prof. Dr. HuseyinSert) by the ARNU executives. During the visit, they expressed their gratitude to Nile University for choosing to host the program and commended the institution for its serene environment and wonderful facilities. They also expressed their hopes that the event will be another step toward an even stronger relationship between Nile University and the institutions of the participating Registrars.

Following the courtesy call to the VC’s office was the program’s opening ceremony which featured, amongst other things, a lecture from the keynote speaker (Prof. MusbauAkanji) on the theme of the conference. During his address, Prof. Akanji highlighted a number of external and internal factors that are responsible for the challenges facing the Registrar of the Nigerian University today. Factors like the deliberate sabotage of Registrars’ efforts by their VC’s in cases of disagreements, making Registrars carry out tasks (e.g. appearing in court) outside their purview, etc., were cited as external reasons negatively affecting the registry. With regard to the internal factors (those caused by the Registrars themselves) responsible for the issues plaguing the registry, Prof. Akanji cited Registrars’ inability to, sometimes, separate personal and professional interests, have a clear understanding of where their allegiances lie, and so on. The lecture ended with a question and answer session during which Prof. Akanji fielded questions from the audience.

Subsequently, the ARNU continued its business meetings; discussing ways of tackling the myriad of challenges facing the Registrar today, in a bid to restore the University’s registry to the glory days of old.

ndence Association of Nigeria ECAN.