The African Youth Growth Foundation (AYGF) in collaboration with Nile University of Nigeria held the Youth Leadership and Mentoring Programme (YEMP) on May 30, 2019. The event was designed to prepare students and youth corps members (NYSC) for the challenges of the real world. To this effect, the programme featured presentations and remarks from accomplished professionals like Mr. Samson Itodo (Executive Director, YIAGA Africa), Mrs. Nancy Illoh-Nnaji (Executive Producer, Money-Line, DAAR Communications, Abuja), Dr. Arome Salifu (Executive Director, AYGF), Assoc. Prof. Gylich Jelilov (Dean of Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences, Nile University), to name a few.

Speaking on the topic, Business development, Mrs. Illoh-Nnaji urged the students and corps members present to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset, more so since there are so few jobs in the country today.  Going further, she provided the young audience a number of tips for building a successful business. These included being passionate about one’s choice of business venture, the willingness to take risks, having problem-solving or value creation, rather than profit-making, as the primary motivation for starting an enterprise, etc.