The Civil Engineering Department of the Nile University of Nigeria embarked on an excursion to Julius Berger, Idu yard along Jabi Airport Bypass, on December 13, 2018. The 300L and 400L Civil Engineering students were led by the department’s HOD, Dr. Mambo Abdulhameed, Dr. Onyebuchi Mogbo, and Engr. AbubakarDayyabbu as well as some staff from the Julius Berger HQ.

On arrival at the facility, the students were taken to the precast section where precast for roadworks, bridges, and buildings are made. They were shown precast platforms, and processes involved in making the precast were explicitly explained. Students were led to explore other important equipment and products of the precast section like plastic spacers, parapet, vibrators, flow board, traverse, manholes and covers, street light foundations of various sizes, etc. Even more interesting, students were shown products like columns with walls (already precast) ready for fixing, precast guard posts and mobile houses (flats) and many more precast elements. Students were also taken through how the materials demand and supply chain works in the section.

Subsequently, students were led to the concrete mixing plant and asphalt plant where they were shown aggregates in storage according to various sizes and given a demonstration of the grading concept. Cement was used to produce cement concrete and the emulsion was used with bitumen to produce asphalt concrete. Students got to see the concrete mixing plant and asphalt mixing plant as well as the washing plant for separating wastes from sand.