The Nile University Engineering Students’ Association (NUESA) held a lecture on the principles of time management on April 12, 2018. The event kicked off with an opening prayer, followed by the national anthem, and a welcome address delivered by the Civil Engineering Head of Department, Dr. Mambo Abdulhameed, whose speech centered on the idea that time management is an oxymoron. According to him, time waits for no one and, therefore, cannot be “managed.”

Following the welcome address was the keynote speech, delivered by Dr.Vitalis C. Anye(Head of Department, Electrical& Electronics Engineering), who noted that the concept of time management meant managing one’s self beneficially with respect to activities engaged in, as opposed to managing time.In his talk, he gave answers to questions like How much time does one have? What are one’s goals? Does free time really mean free time? Does one have a schedule? Do you use planners? Do you procrastinate? Do you have time management tips? Going further, he emphasized the need for smart work in addition to hard work. He concluded by presenting a multiplication table of important/unimportant versus urgent/not urgent activities.

At the conclusion of the keynote lecture, the second phase of the event—the inauguration of the newly elected NUESA executives—commenced. The inauguration, during which the newly appointed officials swore an oath of allegiance, to serve the course of the association and that of the University, was carried out by Dr.GohkanKoyunlu(Dean, Faculty of Engineering).

Subsequently, the newly appointed President, PishikeniShiloba John delivered a speech urging students’ participation in activities. He also stressed the need for students to be heavily involved in the on-going NSE student membership registration, stating that students’ were as much responsible for the progress of the chapter as the officials.

Concluding the event was a vote of thanks by the chapter’s newly appointed Vice President, Mohammed Chiroma, who urged students to pay their dues to enable the chapter to move forward.