The 4th ICSS & 3rd ETF commenced on March 21, 2018, at Nile University of Nigeria.The two-pronged, two-day, event’s opening ceremony had in attendance, experts in various fields from all over the world. Gracing the occasion were Sam Nda-isaiah (Chairman of the Leadership Newspaper Group), Dr. Amine Mati (IMF’s Senior Resident Representative and Mission Chief for Nigeria), Debra Carnahan (Former Assistant US Attorney and State Prosecutor), Richard Swett, John Russell Carnahan, and Christopher Hunter (all former Representatives of the US House of Reps), and many others.

Declaring the Conference open was the University’s Vice-Chancellor, Prof. HuseyinSert, who emphasized (in his welcome address) Nile University’s commitment to ensuring that students are provided with the highest quality education. Organizing the ICSS and ETF, an avenue through which bureaucrats, entrepreneurs, etc. are attracted to the institution to pool together their wealth of knowledge to address practical issues, is one of the ways the University hopes to achieve this goal, he continued. Concluding his address, Prof. Sert expressed his desire to witness a significant bridge of the gap between town and gown (the theme of this year’s Entrepreneurship Trade Fair) by the end of the program.

Following the Vice-Chancellor’s address was a lecture on the Nigerian economy by the keynote speaker, Dr. Amine Mati. The lecture highlighted areas of growth in the country’s economy namely; Real GDP and Trade Balance, to name a few. Dr. Mati also touched upon areas with room for improvement, like inflation rates, unemployment rates, and the business environment. He concluded his lecture with policy recommendations on how to improve the negative aspects of the nation’s economy.

The event concluded with a panel discussion featuring the distinguished guests from the US and Sam Nda-isaiah, whoserved as the session’s moderator.