The Law faculty of Nile University of Nigeria organized a lecture on the administration of criminal justice, to signal the end of the Law Clinic’s OSIWA-NULAI pre-trail detainee project. The lecture was aimed at discussing the bad state of the Nigerian prisons from the perspectives of different stakeholders such as the courts, police, higher institutions with Law faculties, etc. To this effect, the event had in attendance the Assistant Comptroller-General of prisons (representing the Comptroller-General), the Dean of Nile University’s Law faculty, theMagistrate of the Magistrate court, Zone 6, Abuja, and other distinguished guests.

Major factorsresponsiblefor the horrible conditionof the country’s detention facilities addressed during the lecture included a lack of funding from government, pile-up of cases due to the insufficient number of prosecutors, negative perception of prisons as places of suffering rather than of rehabilitation, etc.

The event ended with a question and answer session during which the guest speakers fielded the questions.