The Business Club of Nile University of Nigeria held the Successful Ridge Business Summit on December 4, 2018. Themed “Journey to the Top,” the event which featured presentations from renowned entrepreneurs and dignitaries— such as Dr. Tony Ezekiel (CEO and founder of Itex Furniture Ltd.), Dr. ZainabShinkafiBagudu (founder of Medicaid Cancer Foundation and First Lady of Kebbi State), MaimunaAbubakar (founder and CEO of Tozali Magazine), and SarkinShanun Kano, to name a few— was a spectacle.
Speaking at the summit, Dr. Ezekiel (who was also the chairman of the occasion) advised the students present to start forging their career paths now, stating that some of the most successful people started building the foundation for their future successes while in school. He also called on students to be creative in their thinking, as this is what would set them apart from their peers now and in their future business endeavors. Furthermore, he enjoined students to embrace hard work and not look for shortcuts to success, as this was the only way to ensure long, lasting success.
Continuing from where Dr. Ezekiel left off, guest speaker, MaimunaAbubakar, discussed the importance of making passion a prerequisite for any business venture. According to her, when passion is the driving force behind a business, the possibilities for that venture are limitless. In view of this, she urged students to strive to pursue careers they were passionate about.
Following the presentations from the various guest speakers, and bringing the event to a close, was a plenary session during which the invited guests fielded questions about their respective journeys to the top.