The senior class (S.S.3) of Topfaith International Secondary School, Akwa Ibom, visited Nile University to observe, firsthand, the University’s facilities. During their two-day excursion, the University’s Public Relations team gave the students a tour of the campus, showing them the state-of-the-art facilities. The students were also taken to the Nizamiye Hospital, one of the top hospitals in the country and the teaching hospital for Nile University’s medical students. The aim of this trip was to provide the medically inclined students among them a glimpse of the excellent quality practical education the institution promises to offer them should they choose to study at Nile upon their graduation from secondary school. Following the Nizamiye hospital trip was a visit to the Jabi Lake Mall, where the students got a taste of some of the wonderful experiences on offer in the city of Abuja. The visit ended with a movie night for the students at the Jabi Lake Mall’s Silverbird Cinema.