At least 30 private secondary school principals were in attendance as Nile University held a workshop to discuss “the role of the private university in nation-building.” The event, which was hosted by the University’s Vice-Chancellor, offered an avenue to examine some of the challenges currently facing the country’s educational sector, and the role of private tertiary academic institutions in combating these problems.

In his speech, the Vice Chancellor emphasized the need for private universities to be more than an “alternative” to students left unabsorbed by the country’s limited public institutions. According to him, private universities should set standards and provide quality education to ensure that students are not short-changed and that they can stand tall, ready to face the challenges of a globalized world.

Going further, he highlighted the violence and insecurities plaguing the nation’s non-private university terrain; making it even more imperative for private institutions to step up to the plate and take up bigger roles in nation-building.

The workshop proved very productive as it provoked intensive discussions among participants leading to the proffering of several insightful comments, observations, and solutions.